Brief #100: Thanks for getting to 💯 with us!

A banner with fireworks that says "100! Thank you for your continued support"

Welcome to the Future of Marketing.

We believe the future lies in the creator economy – where REAL people will use their voice and talents to dictate the way our world advances. But as content creation, social platforms, and consumption continue to rapidly evolve – scaling content, combating burnout, and capturing people’s attention will only become more complex.

In honor of our 100th brief, we asked marketers to share their predictions for the future of marketing – and compiled our favorite responses in a one-minute video. 👇🏼

Thank you for being part of the Future of Marketing. Your readership and feedback are truly valuable to us, and we can’t wait to see where we’ll take our community – together.

You can listen to the full podcast episodes here – and if there’s a marketer you’d like to see on the podcast, simply reply to this email.

Until next time. 🙂