Brief #106: Are people talking about your brand?

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Today, we’re discussing…

  • Your customers are the best influencers
  • New episode ft. Alicia Esposito, VP of Content at Retail Touchpoints
  • #BrandCrush: Calvin Klein

Your customers are the best influencers 

In today’s digital world, it’s no longer enough to just have a product or service. You need an experience worth telling others about – and it all starts with your customers. 

“When we first launched, we sent our product to a whole bunch of people we thought were influential – makeup artists, beauty bloggers,” shared Jess Hatzis, co-founder of Frank Body. “[But our] most important and valuable ambassadors [are our customers].” 

If a customer has a positive experience with your brand, they’re more likely to share it online or tell their friends about it – which results in more customers. In fact, research shows a 5% increase in customer retention can increase company revenue by 25-95%. 

Frank Body, which started as a side hustle, encourages customers to share their experiences by tagging #FrankEffect and #LetsBeFrank on social media. Then, Frank Body re-shares these testimonials across brand profiles to build trust with fans and potential buyers. 

Before and after images of a Frank Body customer's face showing clearer skinOn Instagram, alone, these hashtags have amassed over 70,000 user-generated posts that the brand can re-use across additional channels potential customers may come across – like their website or targeted ads. 

Takeaway: By re-sharing user-generated content, marketers can personalize the experience people have with your brand, build trust and set expectations for potential buyers, and strengthen connections with customers who already use and love your brand. 

New episode on the podcast 🎙

We interviewed Alicia Esposito, VP of Content for Retail TouchPoints, and learned what it really takes to be in her shoes. Fun fact: she’s been with the company for over 11 years – and what started with just a blog and a newsletter has evolved into a powerful media ecosystem that she currently leads. 

We talk:

  • Repurposing content for maximum impact
  • Common struggles marketers face
  • The value of community-created content 

And more.  

Here’s a sneak peek:

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What we’re learning

#BrandCrush: Calvin Klein 💘

In 2014, Calvin Klein launched the #MyCalvins campaign, where celebrities shared their looks and filled in the blanks for the phrase, “I _____ in #MyCalvins.” This encouraged more people to participate and turned a simple campaign into a movement that embraces individuality, freedom, and community. 

The campaign gained so much popularity that there have been nearly one million images shared to the hashtag on Instagram since then. The best photos were even featured on the #MyCalvins microsite that lives on to this day. 

#MyCalvins microsite“It’s important to talk about moments like #MyCalvins, [which is] about inclusivity and personal expression,” shared Ruhi Parmar Amin. “From talent collaborations to fans customizing their favorite Calvin Klein pieces, this is what makes it more than just a campaign, it’s a way of celebrating individuality and community.”