Brief #113: Crafting your brand personality – a deep dive

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Today, we’re killing two birds with one stone and breaking down a noteworthy marketing lesson from our #BrandCrush: MUD\WTR. 💘

Let’s talk… brand personality. 

Make people FEEL something 🤌🏼✨

How do you want people to feel when they hear your brand’s name?

Excited? Inspired? Sophisticated? Amused? All of the above?

“Just as Apple has come to be known as a chic, minimalist creative type, or REI as a bold and adventurous explorer, the best brand personalities are instantly recognizable and deeply relatable,” shared Brian Lischer, Founder and CEO, Ignyte.

Your brand personality encompasses how you look, sound, behave, and feel. It influences how people perceive you. It is what differentiates you from the competition, drives awareness, and builds loyalty.

Let’s learn from MUD\WTR – a direct-to-consumer (DTC) beverage brand that sells a delicious coffee alternative. ☕️

From the moment you research their brand to the moment you receive your package, every. single. interaction. feels exciting and personalized. 

✨ For example… ✨

Confirmation Email

Their order confirmation email could’ve been the average: “Your order shipped today. Thanks for your business.” Instead, MUD\WTR infuses their playful personality into this interaction.

Shipping Email

Notice they did the same thing in their follow-up shipping confirmation email. 


At this point, you already feel excited about receiving your MUD\WTR (and probably told your friends about the quirky e-mails you received). And once you do receive your package, the first thing you’ll notice is how they take their playful copy beyond their emails – and onto the box.

Web & Social

A quick search will reveal that customers love their interactions and products so much, they can’t help but post about MUD\WTR on social media.

Even better, MUD\WTR highlights these testimonials across their website and social channels to fuel trust and conversions. 

Whether that’s in the form of reviews…


Or a visual web gallery of UGC…

Moral of the story:

Yes, MUD\WTR’s product is just as good as their marketing, but the real lesson is this: when you personalize your marketing, it not only makes people feel like you care about your product(s) just as much – but they’re more likely to tell others about you. 🎯

Now on the podcast 🎙

We recently interviewed Brayden Cohen, Social Media and Employee Advocacy Lead at Hootsuite, where we asked him about his role, advice for other marketers, and basically uncovered why he’s so awesome and talented. 😌

Here’s our conversation summed up in one sentence:  

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What we’re learning

We hope this inspired you in one way or another. As always, thanks for reading this far. Until next time. 🙂