Brief #127: Using UGC to Maximize Sales 🤑

Let’s look at some fresh, new data

  • Eighty percent (80%) of consumers look at ratings and reviews before making a purchase
  • Sixty-two percent (62%) of consumers are more likely to click on content (like ads, websites, social posts, or emails) that feature customer photos over images created by brands.

Simply put…

People want to know what
customers are saying about your brand 

It’s not a huge revelation – until you realize that 65% of marketers are not fully maximizing the power of user-generated content (or authentic ratings and reviews). 

Smells like an opportunity to devour the competition – especially during a time when economic uncertainty is forcing marketers to tighten their budgets. 

As Marty Neumeier once said:

 When they Zig, you Zag.

How different industries repurpose UGC 

In a world where every other brand looks and behaves the same, look for inspiration outside your industry. You may just discover ideas and strategies that could change the way you do marketing forever

NSW National Parks ran a giveaway to capture UGC highlighting the incredible natural beauty found in their parks (and cause some real FOMO). 

User-generated content submitted to the NSW Parks Photo Competition  – featuring beautiful images of birds and landscapes.

Thermacell, a magical device to repel nasty mosquitoes, repurposes UGC in a shoppable gallery on their website.

Thermacell homepage showing a shoppable UGC gallery

Chaco reshares shoppable UGC across social media – featuring real people sharing their experiences with their sandals in the real world.

Chaco re-sharing UGC of a person's feet – wearing Chaco sandals – dangling over the ocean

Loews Hotels uses UGC in paid ads to drive more bookings.

Loews repurposing UGC within a paid ad on a website.

Zoomtopia reshared UGC across digital screens to spark participation and boost engagement.

A tweet by a Zoomtopia guest that says "How fun is this. My #Zoomtopia tweet made it on to the big screen on #Zoomtopia and maybe this one will as well" – he also shared a photo of the screen displaying UGC.

What do all these brands have in common? 

Not only are they saving time (and money) creating content, but they can all take existing UGC beyond existing channels and cross-pollinate it across even more channels to maximize conversions within every stage of the marketing funnel. 

Think product pages, print materials, in-store signage, or even a TV commercial – the possibilities are endless. 

TIP: Ask customers to share UGC about your brand by adding your hashtag across your bio, website, packaging, etc. Over 60% of consumers wish brands offered more guidance! 

For a deeper dive into this topic, read “How Different Industries Use UGC.”

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