Brief #128: Making your brand more discoverable

If you think hashtags are dead… they’re not. 

In fact, over 75% of consumers have used social media to search for products, services, or experiences, according to TINT’s 2023 State of Social & User-Generated Content report.  

When used strategically, hashtags reveal tutorials, product reviews, shopping hauls, travel recommendations, recipes, DIYs – you name it. 

Hashtags help: 

  1. Categorize your content
  2. Expand reach beyond your followers 
  3. Identify popular trends and topics
  4. Create a sense of community 
  5. Make it easy for people to find/share content relevant to your brand

Lucky for you, it seems like too many brands miss the opportunity to use hashtags to become more discoverable. So, if you’re not already collecting and repurposing UGC, this is your sign to start. 

Okay great, but…

How do you inspire people to tag your brand? 

1. Ask for it

This is the simplest way to start collecting UGC. Ask customers and fans to share their experiences with your brand – photos, videos, testimonials. Be clear about what you’re looking for and make it easy for fans to submit content. Over 60% of consumers wish they had more guidance. 

NSW National Parks asks park visitors to tag their photos with #NSWParks or @NSWNationalParks to grant the organization permission to report.

2. Offer incentives

People love incentives. Experiment with giveaways, discounts, or exclusive content and experiences. Keep it relevant and valuable to your audience.

Adidas has a program called “Creators Club” where customers earn points and rewards by sharing UGC and completing specific tasks – like creating an account or reviewing a purchase. 

Adidas Creator Club offering points for completing tasks. Points. are redeemable for different rewards depending on tiers.

3. Host a contest or giveaway 

Contests are a great way to generate tons of UGC quickly. Ask your customers and fans to create content around a specific theme or topic, and offer prizes for the best submissions. Be sure to clearly define the rules/guidelines – and don’t forget to include a deadline for submissions! 

Canon engages photographers with 2,000+ social media contest entries

4. Share user-generated content

Sharing UGC across your marketing channels inspires others to create and share their own content. Try repurposing UGC on your social media channels, website, or other marketing materials. 

Important: give credit to the original creator and request permission before sharing! 

Airbnb distributing UGC across Instagram and a print magazine.

5. Create a hashtag

Branded hashtags can encourage your followers to share content related to your brand. They subtly guide your audience to share content. 

TIP: make your hashtag easy to remember and promote it across your marketing channels – think social media, packaging, profile bios, website, etc. 

6. Collaborate with influencers 

Collaborating with influencers is a great way to generate UGC and reach new audiences. Partner with influencers who align with your brand values, and ask them to create and share content related to your products or services.

A micro-influencer posing with Glossier props. Glossier reposted the image to inspire their audience to "snap a selfie" at their new NYC location

Overall, when asking for UGC, make it as easy as possible for your audience to participate – and provide clear expectations on what you’re looking for. Last but not least, monitor and moderate UGC to ensure it meets your brand standards. 

Need a platform to find, optimize, distribute, and analyze UGC? Take TINT for a spin. 

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