Brief #129: Content ideas to boost engagement

Welcome to Future of Marketing! 

Let’s start with some facts: 

  • Over 78% of marketers are investing in video in 2023 
  • 66.41% of consumers believe that brands that use video and audio stand out more than those that don’t
  • Social video generates 12 times more shares than text and images combined

Prediction: As people increasingly turn to video, smart brands will focus on engaging fans and scaling across all channels – beyond just social media.

Think ads featuring user-generated content (or real customers) instead of expensive supermodels. 

#BrandCrush: Adidas 💖
“To reach urban teenagers, Adidas created a [pop-up] event for the launch of its D. Rose 3.5 shoes,” shared AdForum. “Shelves were filled with free sneakers and placed as high as a basketball rim. Customers had no more than 30 seconds to score by jumping to grab the pair of shoes.”
Adidas filmed people jumping as high as possible. The footage captured fans’ raw energy and reactions during the event, and was repurposed to produce this award-winning video campaign. 

Four videos you should already be sharing

  1. Unboxing
  2. Day in the life (or behind the scenes)
  3. Reviews & Testimonials
  4. Tutorials & Guides 

Hint: ask your customers (and team) to help create this content! 

How Glossier leverages video on Instagram 🤌🏼

Notice how Glossier strategically blends most of of the elements above in one single video – and it’s shoppable.

Glossier UGC video showing a real customer using a product and sharing her testimonial. The UGC post was made shoppable by Glossier.

How Glossier can scale UGC even more

  1. Add a hashtag (i.e. #Glossier) to their social bios to guide customers to tag UGC 
  2. Watch UGC pour in
  3. Curate and repurpose UGC across key marketing channels using a platform like TINT

#Glossier has over 764,000 mentions on Instagram alone.

Now imagine finding the best, most authentic UGC within this hashtag – and scaling it across online and offline channels.

Less work, more impact?

Sounds like a win-win.

TIP: Incentives help entice more people to contribute to your campaigns. It can be as easy as giving fans public recognition across your marketing channels or – if you’re feeling extra generous – hosting a giveaway that’s too good to pass by.

Like that one time Canon gave away camera equipment and a free photo masterclass. 📸 

Canon engages photographers with 2,000+ social media contest entries

Enjoyed today’s lesson? Forward it to a friend or colleague, and be rewarded with 80 years of good luck. Or something like that. 🙂

As always, thanks for reading. Until next time! 

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