Brief #138: How Top Brands Are Preparing for a Cookie-less Future

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Remember our engaging discussion last week on zero-party data? We explored its significance and why it’s a game-changer for modern marketing. Today, we’re taking it a step further by sharing real examples of top brands mastering the art of marketing using zero-party data in ways that are both inventive and seamless.

Let’s jump in and uncover five remarkable brands navigating the world of zero-party data…

Zero-Party Data: Real Brand Examples of Creative Collection

In an evolving landscape where cookies are fading, brands must embrace the power of zero-party data to forge meaningful connections and insights directly with their customers. However, according to a study conducted by Adobe, 75% of marketing and CX leaders still rely heavily on third-party cookies, placing them in a less advantageous position as the future unfolds. 

“As the world transitions from third-party cookies to more comprehensive strategies grounded in first-party data, companies that aren’t using CDPs – applications that combine first-party attribute, behavioral, preference, and even consent-based data from partners, to create actionable customer profiles — are at a competitive disadvantage.”

Here are a few examples of how leading brands are collecting zero party data to prepare for the cookieless future:

Encouraging Customer Participation for Data Enrichment

Canon launched an interactive microsite to encourage customers to willingly share user-generated content, preferences, and opinions. This approach allows Canon to create a repository of zero-party data and user-generated content that continuously fuels their marketing strategies and product development – while strengthening their connection with customers.

Canon launched a contest via microsite and encouraged customers to submit UGC within that page.

Points & Rewards in Exchange for Purchase

Sephora’s Beauty Insider program successfully fosters a sense of community and exclusivity. By providing points & rewards through this program, customers willingly share zero-party data, including where they shop, frequency, product preferences, and more. This approach not only cultivates brand loyalty but also facilitates the collection of valuable customer insights.

Sephora Beauty insider showing 135 points and "spend $204 to reach VIB status."

Strategic Data Utilization for Targeted Marketing

Veggies Made Great leverages community-shared information from surveys, polls, and sampling missions to tailor their marketing initiatives. This allows them to target specific members based on location and shopping preferences, supporting new product launches and retail expansion with precision.

Veggies Made Great asking customers if they prefer fresh vs. frozen veggies. Customers responded with their preference.

Precision Targeting for High-Quality User-Generated Content

A pet food portfolio community employs targeted sampling strategies, which enables them to select members based on specific criteria (i.e. cat vs. dog owner, platform activity, lifestyle, and more), ensuring high-quality user-generated content and reviews. Additionally, by excluding over-participating members and non-sharers, the community maintains the integrity of its data.

A pet food community asking customers to complete their profile to receive more sampling mission opportunities.

Informed Decision-Making & Distribution Success

Mentholatum gains crucial insights through community engagement, which informs product decision-making and purchase intent. These insights have played a pivotal role in securing successful distribution for their new product launch, particularly at Dollar General stores.

User feedback: "Discreet, compact, clean, easy-to-use and refreshing (not only for when you're sick) and a welcomed alternative to medication."

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