From informative to absurd, content marketing drives engagement. Today’s curated article finds Mae Rice, staff writer at BuiltIn, interviewing Nathan Allebach from Allebach Communications about his work as the social media manager for frozen cheesesteak brand Steak-umm. His work has created personality and buzz around a frozen food product, proving that with a creative mind and social media acumen, any brand can create newsworthy conversation.

Rice and Allebach explore the idea of Content Marketing fans. With a strong mix of content, social, and strategy you can get people talking about even the most mundane subject. Rice, for example, reports that the heating and cooling podcast HVAC School pulls in approximately 100,000 listens per episode. This puts it on par with celebrity- and entertainer-driven podcasts despite being commercially-driven.

Regardless of platform, product, or industry, content marketing is here to stay. Learn more in Mae Rice’s fill article after the jump.

Content Marketing Mixes Business Strategy, Media, and a Dash of ‘Beeflings’ on BuiltIn.