Chipotle: Growing Through Digital

Bouncing back after a slump can be hard. Chipotle needed to recover from a glut of nation-wide heath-scares.  The downturn was an opportunity for Chipotle marketing executives to retool the entire marketing program.  At that point, the fast-casual burrito brand was still operating like a startup. They focused on low-level customer acquisition with little cohesion to the overall strategy. By doing more to spotlight the brand and its employees, Chipotle was able to drive new traffic like never before. After implementing a full-funnel content marketing plan the team was able to consider new digital opportunities like driving demand using promotions on their mobile app.

This is a case study to be read. Their turnaround ultimately increased revenue to over a billion dollars in three months.

Marketing Dive: How Chipotle saved its brand by embracing a centralized digital marketing strategy