We’re breaking down how some of the world’s leading brands are using user-generated content in their marketing strategies to grow their community. Then, we’re analyzing how they can take it to the next level.   

Brand: Tower of the Americas 

What the brand did RIGHT: 

  1. User tagged @TowerOfTheAmericas
  2. Tower of the Americas commented to request rights to reuse content 
  3. Tower of the Americas is repurposing user-generated content on their social channels

How they can level up their UGC strategy: 

  1. Link terms and conditions when requesting rights  
  2. Repurpose UGC on website, advertisements, and other channels 
  3. Host contests/giveaways to capture more UGC and engagement
  4. Partner with local influencers to create and capture specific UGC 
  5. Add employee-generated content (more behind-the-scenes) 

Why they should apply new UGC tactics:  

By implementing recommendation #1, Tower of the Americas will strengthen protection for their brand and consumers’ rights to content. For example, by adding the terms and conditions to the rights request comment they shared above, Tower of the Americas will help consumers understand what they’re agreeing to and how their content will be reused. Tower of the Americas, on the other hand, will be protected against potential copyright infringement.  

Recommendation #2 – repurposing user-generated content across more channels – will give Tower of the Americas the ability to increase conversions and build fan loyalty across multiple touchpoints in their user journey.  Adding a gallery of user-generated content to their website, for example, can capture the attention of fans, who will learn what type of content the brand is looking for and will be more likely to share content about the brand. Additionally, this user-generated content serves as testimonials and social proof about the Tower of the Americas, which can drive new guests to visit. 

With recommendation #3, Tower of the Americas can use contests and giveaways to build fan loyalty and drive more engagement to their social channels. They can implement recommendation #4 – partnering with local micro-and nano-influencers – to kick start their campaign. Essentially, local influencers can use their audience to help Tower of the Americas reach a larger audience they may not have had access to before. For example, the influencers can ask their audience to share and tag their favorite photo of the Tower of the Americas for a chance to win a free dinner or happy hour vouches in their skyline observatory. 

Last but not least, Tower of the Americas can ask their team to share content about their brand (recommendation #5), repurpose this across their marketing channels to diversify their content, and use insights to understand what content their audience most resonates with and why. For example, Tower of the Americas can share behind-the-scenes content like event set-ups and interviews with team members to capture the culture at Tower of the Americas. This can help recruit potential talent, build community, or find volunteers.