Marketing luxury or exclusive items is a challenge unto itself. These high-end items are limited in quantity, specific in pricing, and have particularly niche audiences. Younger audiences, like Millennials and Generation Z, tend to spurn high-end items; they prefer to spend disposable income on experiences rather than things that can depreciate quickly. Add in a geo-political environment that is notoriously tumultuous that can cause insane fluctuation in taxes and tariffs. Enter invite-only marketing.

Invite-only marketing pivots on access. It requires customers to have the right access to criteria like money, personality, and opportunity.  This curtails the “tire-kickers” who may wish to experience the fringes of a luxury brand but never actually make a purchase.

Author and strategy consultant Jeroen Kraaijenbrink explores the topic on Forbes Contributors.

Using Invite-Only Marketing As A Winning Strategy in High-End Luxury Branding