Before 2014, the name of the game was fan/follower growth hacking. Facebook was still relatively new to many businesses and they were able to game the algorithm to pick up followers at an exponential rate.  But then came the big shift of 2014. Edgerank, the previous content scoring system, was deprecated and the new algorithm rose.

In today’s article Greg Jarboe, president and co-founder of content agency SEO-PR, shares new benchmarks for social success.  He describes organic reach as “plummeting” after the “Facebook Apocalypse”.

This is all in response to the glut of content, both good and bad, being created by brands and agencies across the globe. Among his suggestions are some of the usual suspects, like reach and engagement, but he also encourages marketers to consider things like Economic Value when reporting social statistics.

What numbers do you consider vanity? Who numbers do you report?

Two Social Media Vanity Metrics You Need to Stop Tracking