Email Marketing: Retargeting Segmentation

Email marketing has never been easier. There is a cornucopia of tools and plug-ins that make it simple. With the expansion of software-as-a-service and the membership economy, you can experiment with delivery optimizers, A/B testers, CRMs, and other products until you land on the perfect suite of email tools. Despite the ease of access, many marketers are still only creating one, or several, tracks of email content.

Susan Gunelius, marketing expert and contributor at Entrepreneur, shares 5 additional groups you should be segmenting your emails into. Go beyond product-specific email workflows and maximize both conversion and open rates by breaking your audiences into these groups.

In order to execute all the suggestions you’ll need on-site analytics, a CRM of some sort, and a method of tracking sales and shopping cart abandonment. Even if you have not deployed a full mar-tech stack, many of these suggestions are actionable with even the most rudimentary email marketing platform.

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