Content Marketers tend to serve the top of the funnel. Their pieces speak towards the awareness and lead generation piece of the marketing puzzle. This supports discovery, but your sales team needs better content to support their conversion efforts. Bytestart, a UK-based site focused on guiding start-ups and small businesses, has created a list of all the content marketing elements that should be tweaked to empower a sales team.

Perhaps one of the more refreshing perspectives is ensuring that sales has access to the corpus of work that marketing has created. This can be taken a step beyond Bytestart’s suggestions by highlighting or providing markup on eBooks and Whitepapers. With the length of content seeming to trend upward, this will  ensure that sales professionals will have a quick reference of illuminating statistics and data that will drive leads to convert.

Break down silos and watch how your content marketing pieces can directly support sales. More information in the article.

Bytestart: 7 Types of Sales Enablement Content You Should Be Creating