Many digital marketers are familiar with content personalization in places like landing pages, websites, and mobile applications. The new horizon is implementing a personalization strategy focused around social, catching users in the place where they spend the most time. With the continued growth of ad blockers and “banner blindness” things like intersitial ads, on-site demand-side advertisements, and popups are never seen by certain segments of the population. George Carey-Simos, Lead Editor and COO of We Are Social Media, shares ways to deploy personalization centered on social.

If you are already taking the time to implement UTM codes, CRM-based tracking, and social ads, then personalization is just around the corner. Implement a strategy that makes sense for you and mind what part of your funnel you’re targeting. Some of the suggestion are better suiting to things like lead generation or remarketing. There is not a one-size-fits-all solution.

3 Website Content Personalization Ideas to Use With Your Social Media Ads